The Independent Travel Group

The Independent Travel Group,  is designed to enable independent agents to increase their profits and empower their growth in a highly competitive market.

Independent Travel Group offers agents a flexible, transparent, low-cost and non-mandatory core support service with a very low annual membership fee which includes access to a suite of products, as well as access to exclusive Air and Wholesaler deals, Technology Services and Operations Support.

We offer a comprehensive range of optional customised partnership services, including Express Marketing Tools, Branding options, preferred GDS deals, Staff Training, Conferences, Product Training and more.

We take into account that “one size does not fit all” and give our Independent Travel Group members freedom, tailored offers and choice.

No onerous and expensive conditions are placed on members and no demands are made on how our services are to be used. The only condition attached to membership is use of the Express Ticketing and Express Fares services.

We look forward to your support and to assisting you with growing your business.

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